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Children and family law

We have significant experience in working with the most vulnerable families and our approach to such assessments reflects this. We understand that children and families involved in legal proceedings experience anxiety and we strive to address such complex issues and emotions in a sensitive manner.

We undertake:

  • Full psychological assessment
  • Assessment of cognitive functioning - ACE Clinic (Assessment for Cognitive Evaluation)
  • Parenting assessment - PAM 'Sue McGaw' assessments for parents with additional and/or complex needs
  • Children's attachment
  • Capacity assessment
  • Contact disputes

**ACE Clinic - Psychology4Law has introduced the ACE Clinic (Assessment for Cognitive Evaluation) to assist Social Care, Solicitors and Local Authority legal departments whose clients may require a cognitive or capacity assessment in Children Act proceedings. Following an assessment, a written report will be completed within 10 working days.

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