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1. Professional Bodies

Health Care Professions Council www.hcpc-uk.org

The British Psychological Society www.bps.org.uk

2. Legal

HM Courts www.hmcourts-service.gov.uk

Legal services commission www.legalservices.gov.uk

Sweet and Maxwell Legal Hub www.legalhub.co.uk

3. Family

Relate: www.relate.org.uk

Jane Andrews and Donna Ward Independent Social Workers / Guardians www.wardandrews.co.uk

4. Child Care

British Association of Fostering and Adoption www.baff.org.uk

Cafcass: www.cafcass.gov.uk

Childline: www.childline.org.uk

NSPCC: www.nspcc.org.uk

National Children's Bureau www.ncb.org.uk

5. Statutory / Government Departments

Department for Education www.education.gov.uk

Department of Health www.dh.gov.uk

NHS www.nhs.uk

Youth Justice Board www.yjb.gov.uk

6. Psychologists

Dr Susan Krasner www.thepsychologypractice.co.uk

Dr Richard Sherry www.psychologicalsystems.org/richard-sherry